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Lead Presenter – John Tsoulos

John Tsoulos is the lead Presenter for Global Business Camps. Having worked closely with businesses from different parts of the world, he has vast experience in applying business development programs producing excellent results.

John has presented at conferences, business building events, business camps and team building camps in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

In 2001, John developed the 6 Secrets ™ to any business, whilst creating the original business camp program. The event was first run in 2002 for 47 people and after 4 events held in South Australia, the events went to the National scale.

With 20 National events now already completed, the content of the program has evolved and developed, bringing in many new strategies, ideas and thought processes, but the core 6 Secrets ™ methodology remains.  This methodology has been used and mastered by thousands of businesses and the results have been fantastic.

John is focused, dynamic and passionate, and believes in the program format and the 6 Secrets ™ to any business. To quote his words

“Every business must go to the camp. It will completely re-engineer the way people do things and, in turn, give them a better business and lifestyle.”

You will love his energy and drive and he will inspire you.

What past delegates are saying about John….

What past delegates are saying about John….

John is the man that defies all of your expectations of accountants! He is the greatest cheerleader we’ve ever met! He’s exciting, engaging and challenging. John mixes his business savvy with unbridled enthusiasm and a commitment to seeing us realise our business dreams!

Tricia, Train to Succeed

As for John – well the guy is amazing.

Sheridan Scott, United First Supplies

Had a great time, John’s awesome, he’s a pocket rocket!!! Thank you.

Lisa & Keith, Building Industry

John worked at a great speed and with unbelievable energy. Even when tired, I was completely engaged at all times!

Siobhan, Accountant

What I loved about GBC: John’s infectious excitement! Business bible (take home folder) and purchased DVDs and Billy’s program. Revisiting our values, mission and culture. Making sure the right people are ‘on the bus’, and improve our team.

Irene, Business Services Industry