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10 Tips to Super Charge your Life and Your Business

1.Setting big goals

Every successful business needs to have big and small goals in place. You actually really want to make goals for everything you do. Then you need to ensure that you have systems in place to assist you to complete the goals and ways to track progress.

Setting high goals keeps everyone (the team and you) on their toes at all times. That ensures you are not working on what is on your desk; you are always working towards something bigger and better.

Being part of a culture that is goal orientated is fantastic.

2.Invest in yourself and your team

 Spending money on the right things will see your business supercharge to success.

Continued education, personal training and up-skilling are all extremely important to any successful business owners and their teams.

Some key areas include improving communication, sales and service skills, people management and understanding and focussing on cash flow. One way to cover off on all of these things and much more is to attend the next Global Business Camp.

3.Pick up the phone

We should all be calling our clients, customers and patients a lot more than we currently do. To make it easy let’s call them all ‘customers’. We should be calling our customers to understand how they feel about our service. That is very important as that basically tells them that we care.

Also, if they are thinking about re buying etc you are automatically ‘front of mind’. Everyone in your team should be able to call not just the owners.

Most people do not expect follow up calls so what a great way to wow your customers. The telephone is such a valuable resource and is so underused these days.

Call your customers.

4.Integrate a new service

Take the opportunity to diversify your business.

Integration and diversification were the buzz words a few years ago and now  experts are predicting much the same. Consumers are becoming hungrier for better, more diversified services, and the best businesses out there no matter the industry they are in accommodate for that demand.

If you do that your customers become stickier and you will in the long run create massive lifetime value with those customers.

When we talk about integration and diversification it could well be aligning yourself with other like-minded providers of services and products that your customers need. Having great referral partners who specialise in particular areas and will always refer the customer back to you will ensure your customers’ needs will be met.

5.Seek customer feedback

Focus on what really matters. The question is how do you find out what really matters to your customers? You ask them.

Many business owners are now starting to see the value of a customer care program within their business. Whenever you hear about a business being successful, everything they talk about is around making sure they are looking after the customer. Richard Branson from the 450 plus Virgin businesses has stated one of the key things they look at is ‘can they service the customer better’. If they can then they look at that business opportunity further. There must be something important here we could all pick up on.

There are many customer satisfaction surveys available, but several international companies such as Nokia, Sony, Westpac, Vodafone, eBay and Apple are now increasingly using the very popular loyalty survey ‘the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system’, which essentially surveys customers for their loyalty. The survey asks the ‘ultimate question’: What is the likelihood you would recommend company X to a friend or a colleague?

That is awesome stuff and we at our Global Business Camps events have been talking about NPS for over 15 years. It is good to see that some big businesses are actually starting to pick up on this stuff.

The key with NPS is that a high score in the above question usually refers to business success. According to the spokesman at the NPS, high scores on this question correlated strongly with repurchases, referrals and other actions that contributed to a company’s growth.

6.Work positively

Positivity at work spreads productivity.

That has to do with culture and if you have the right culture people are positive and want to work in your business. If it is doom and gloom the good people do not want to work there.

Also, continuously lay out the vision for the business and you will get plenty of good people wanting to be part of that.

7.Take a break

Set your holiday plans for the year now to maximise your performance.

Leave is an investment and not a cost. Work life balance is crucial to your success. Being stressed out, working 80 hours a week and having no holidays for a year is a sign of burnout and poor time management. In actual fact not taking annual leave can be very costly to a business.

8.Build routine into your work

Find success by working to a plan.

By having routine in your working life it can lead to business success. It becomes easier to hit deadlines and follow up with customers. For example, going to the gym every morning, meeting with referral partners regularly and taking holidays routinely can energise you.

Personal success then becomes a routine, as you continually look for ways to improve.

9.Get fit

Getting into shape does more for your business than you might first think.

We all know there are many benefits to exercising, including reduced stress levels, a boost in ‘happy chemicals’, improved self confidence, prevention of cognitive decline and sharper memory – but it can also kick start your motivation in the office.

Having a successful business and earning the big bucks requires hard work, stamina and perseverance. Being physically fir will help you put in the hours required.

10.Find a mentor or a coach

Working with someone from outside your business that can provide you with guidance and support can be invaluable. Meeting with them and speaking to them regularly (monthly) can add so much value in your decision making process.

A coach will assist you to make better and more timely decisions about your business. They will have a different perspective about what’s important in the business and they will also hold you accountable.

We have done quite a bit of work in this area over the last few years. We have a number of businesses that we meet with and speak to very regularly, analyse decisions and review profit and loss and cash flow budgets to actual. This is all part of the mentor coach service.

This is very important in today’s business environment.

We cover off on all of the above areas at the Global Business Camp. Join us from the 17th to the 19th of October, 2022 and really supercharge your life and your business.