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Boost Juice Founder’s Top Unconventional Business Strategies To Success

Written by Anna Lee.

Janine Allis is no ordinary woman. An industry icon. Leading entrepreneur. Shark on Shark Tank. And so much more.

But her beginnings were humble, starting Boost Juice from her kitchen table with no prior business experience or knowledge. Now two decades later, it’s one of Australia’s most well-known brands with 580+ stores across 13 different countries, and counting.

She’s not taken any traditional form of path to business success and to her, that’s what sets her brand and her way of leading the business forward apart. Now more than ever, the world demands entrepreneurs to think differently, like Janine has because if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Our key comments/additions –

As we say at Indigo Financial and Global Business Camps – ‘Change is the Only Constant’. If you are in business today and you are doing the same things you were doing 12 months ago or a few years ago you are falling behind. You must be doing and thinking differently. The business environment and business landscape has changed dramatically and will keep changing. If we do not change and think and do differently we run the risk of becoming extinct. (end key comments/additions).

This is the fundamental truth in 2022 and if you’re looking to replicate the success of Boost Juice for your business this year, then you need to learn from the likes of unconventional entrepreneurs like Janine.

It’s when we learn from those who’ve walked the beaten path before us that we start creating lasting and profound change in our businesses and our lives.

Here are 3 gems to consider:

1.  Fully embracing the mistakes you make in business.

“The best lessons are the ones when things go pear-shaped.”

If someone asked Janine, “Tell me all the things that went wrong in your 20+ years in business”, it would take her years and years to run through everything because of all the things that went wrong.

In business, making mistakes is normal but with Janine, making mistakes is crucial and even fully embraced. Her business would not be where it is today if she hadn’t had all this experience and lessons learned throughout the beginning of her journey (and to this day). In fact, she views these mistakes and failures as some of the best learning experiences she can to build her business up in the future.

Our key comments/additions –

Mistakes if we learn from them are blessings in disguise as that is when we improve. See below how powerful they truly are.

When it comes to problems or defects, the customer will remember the satisfying outcome, not the original error. Studies conducted by the Marriott on guest return rates found the following astonishing results:

  • If there was no problem with their stay, the return rate was 89%.
  • If there was a problem and it was not corrected the return rate dropped to 69%.
  • However, this is where it gets really interesting. If there was a problem and it was solved to the guests satisfaction the return rate jumped to 94%.

So the moral of the story is constantly speak to your customers, patients, clients and find out how you are doing as a business. Find out are you serving their needs, are you adding value to them. Are they having a positive experience when they are coming to deal with you.

As you can see from the Marriott example if there are issues and problems and they are rectified then the relationship actually can get stronger. That does not mean that we should go out of our way to create problems so we can fix them. It means that when they do crop up do not blame the customer, fix them and the relationship will be stronger than before. (end key comments/additions).

Further, one thing Janine does recommend is to really embrace those lessons early on when your business is smaller. Because when you’re small, when things go wrong, the pain is small. But when you’re big, when things go wrong, the pain will be big.

2.  Having a small business mentality at all stages of business.

“This is key for businesses, that ability to maintain that smallness, to be profit culture, and people culture, and not just become this huge entity that is a bit soulless.”

No matter how big the business has grown, for Janine, one of the key factors to her success has been to maintain a small business mentality. This means being focused on things like innovation, ability to pivot, culture, and people management with all your team being aligned under the same purpose and goals.

And it’s not just relevant with the structures of your team or how many layers of approvals you have but also within yourself as well – staying open to change and new direction, listening and working with your team on all levels, and keeping a sense of naivety too where you don’t put up barriers on what you can or can’t do. It’s about just doing it and approaching the challenges and goals you face in the same mentality you would as a small business.

3.  Stop doing everything alone!

“None of us were arrogant enough to know we knew it. But we were all determined to make it work.”

When your business starts growing and you get to a certain size of revenue and team hires where you start to no longer be able to wrap your arms around the business anymore, that’s when you should start to realise that you can’t run the entire business on your shoulders only for the rest of your life.

It’s impossible!

You need to source out experts. Whether you’re hiring people who are smarter than you at certain things, with different skills to what you know depending on the challenges you’re currently facing, or you’re finding mentors, coaches, or advisors who can actually give you the right advice to make sure you’re on the right path.

It’s so important that you ensure that you have the right support network around you and you’re not only surrounding yourself with either nobody or people who you still need to look after as well.

Because the best of the best entrepreneurs know, including Janine, that the best way to move forward is through learning from those with been-there-done-that experience, helping you shortcut past the challenges towards success.

Our key comments/additions –

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Key takeaways

To succeed in business in 2022 is all about straying away from the traditional path and doing something different because the worldwide situation is anything but ordinary, so why should what you do in business be the same?

Instead, take the chances to learn from those who’ve walked the unconventional path, and start leading your industry rather than following the norm.

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