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Finding the inspiration to keep going when times are tough

Veterinary surgeon, motivator, extreme endurance athlete, one of the world’s most accomplished adventurers and expedition leaders – that’s Geoff in a nutshell. His passion for life, adventure and desire to do business with purpose is infectious.

Born in Kenya in 1970, Geoff’s wild journey includes his family’s near death escape as a young boy, standing strong to charging elephants at the tender age of 12, having a machine gun held to his head in Egypt at 18 while crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle to sailing the world’s seas and successfully fleeing pirates (twice).

With notable world records ranging from the longest land journey by kite of the Sahara, to kiteboarding from Australia to Papua New Guinea, to the fastest solo unsupported crossing of Antarctica in history – he draws on incredible experiences to create insights for us in our business and personal lives that can once again create clarity and purpose where previously we felt stuck.

Everything Geoff does is driven by purpose. His signature expeditions always align to a charity and he ensures that his businesses contribute an enormous amount to the local community. Geoff’s experiences in the wild places combined with his passion for business with purpose and philanthropy make him a living endorsement of his personal motto ‘all in or not at all’.

Intensely aware of the urbanization effect in today’s society as people become more detached from their ‘wild roots’, unsatisfied with their mundane routine, Geoff’s goal in life is to inspire men and women worldwide to make life a purposeful and adventure-filled journey every day – whether it be in the office, on the production line or in the wilderness.

Geoff is locked in to talk about all of these experiences and more at the upcoming Global Business Camp from 3rd to the 5th of April.

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