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Global Business Camps September 2021 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well and busy and staying safe, my thoughts are with everyone as we navigate this period.

In this GBC News we are announcing the dates for the 2022 event, our naming rights sponsor and also some great tips.

GBC 2022

The next GBC event is booked for the 28th – 30th March 2022 and the event will be held at the Hilton, Surfers Paradise. The great news is that the weather in March on the Gold Coast will be amazing. It also gives us some more time to try and get this Covid thing under control (hopefully we do sooner rather than later).

The date being in March of 2022 also gives everyone extra time to potentially tell some other business associates about the event and to get them to come along as well.

 As a thank you for everyone’s patience, understanding and trust we are offering something we have never offered before:

As a very big thank you to everyone for their patience, understanding and trust we would love to offer you a referral fee of $200 per person that registers and attends the event (they must tell us who referred them when they register) from your efforts from now until the date of the event.

This is just a small way of us saying thank you.

So to summarise people that register from your referral (and they tell us you referred them) we will pay you $200 per person.

Now that is quite neat.

Why Should Your Customers Pick You?

Successful businesses clearly and quickly communicate why their business is the best choice—their Business Value Proposition (BVP). And they never stop promoting the benefits their business offers.

What can you tell your customers about your business or product that will differentiate you from all the rest, and make your business the obvious choice for them?

Some tips to get started creating your BVP:

  • How are you better than your competitors? Where can you stand to improve?
  • Among the factors that make you stand apart from the competition, which are the most important to your customers/clients?
  • What about your business cannot be easily imitated or replicated by your competition?
  • Which differences can be communicated to your customers/clients and have a meaningful impact on their purchasing decisions?
  • Can you tell your customers/clients in a concise, clear message why your business is unique and a better choice?
  • How will you communicate your BVP to potential and current customers/clients (advertising, a referral campaign, media, packaging, sales force)?

Your points of difference may be small ones that lead to a distinguished customer experience (a greeter at the front door, a 2-ring phone answering policy, a sense of fun and humor in every customer interaction).

Set Activity Goals And Get Results

In order to reach a large goal, you must first successfully complete a series of smaller ones. By setting activity goals, the long-term results may just take care of themselves.

Be sure to set goals that are reasonable and within reach.

Here are three tips to setting and realizing activity goals:

  1. Be time sensible – By allowing too short a time scale, you’ll place an unnecessary burden on yourself, resulting in added stress and poor work performance. Set realistic time frames for your goals.
  2. Write goals down – Write your goals down on paper. This will take time, thought and consideration, but the more time you spend thinking and planning your course of action, the easier it will be to implement it. At the end of each week, spend a few minutes reviewing and analyzing your progress. Take the time to feel good about your accomplishments.
  3. Share your goals – and how you plan to achieve them. The people around you can help you achieve your goals when they know what they are.

Five Tips For Bringing In More Business

A business has to take stock of its growth and retention strategies as much as it has to monitor its inventory. It does not have to be an overwhelming task.

Here are five simple ways you can begin to bring in more business and improve your existing business:

  1. Make a point to be available to customers. Answer the phone or meet with customers personally. Communicate with customers regularly. It can be in person, on the phone or in writing. Schedule regular customer communications in your business calendar.
  2. Join an association like your local business chamber or an industry association. These are great places for networking and building strategic partnerships.
  3. Go to the source. Ask your existing customers for referrals and ideas on how you can improve. Offer them an incentive – a free gift or discount – to show your thanks for passing on your name & their ideas.
  4. Track where each new customer comes from. Was it a referral, cold call, direct mail or advertising? A pattern will develop that will show you where to focus your marketing efforts.
  5. Keep an eye on local and national trends for new business opportunities for your services.

Getting Tough In a Tough Economy

You don’t have to be beaten because the economy is tough. You just have to get into fighting shape. Here are some exercises that will make you more fit to deal with tough times.

  • Tighten up your cash flow muscles. Consider reducing credit periods for customers and if necessary, use all the credit your suppliers give you.
  • Shed excess inventory. Excess slow-selling inventory is unwanted fat. Analyze your inventory and put your money in the bank instead of on shelves.
  • Measure your margins. If your product is selling fast, you may be under priced. Check to see if you are priced appropriately. Also use this opportunity to negotiate with suppliers for better prices.
  • Monitor overhead costs. See if there are any areas that warrant cutting back and also check your standing orders and direct debits. You may be paying for things you no longer need.
  • Promote, promote, promote. It seems the easiest and fastest way to reduce expenses, but cutting your marketing in tough times may not be wise.
  • Don’t take the easy out. The easiest ways to cut costs can end up costing you big time in the long run. Be creative in how you reduce your expenses, such as reducing employees to 4 day work weeks instead of layoffs. Offer employees a percentage of any savings they can create in purchasing and materials etc.

Research shows that people remember those who keep advertising through tough periods, even if they don’t patronize the business immediately. And importantly, keep these principles in mind even when trading conditions improve.

Our Naming Rights Sponsor

Rewards4EarthTM – a patented Blockchain solution to help reverse and repair the environmental damage that we’ve all inflicted on our Planet. 

Imagine if every business in the world donated a percentage of every sale towards reversing and repairing the environmental damage humans have done? Planet Earth has rarely benefitted from businesses and has generally been used and abused for profit. Let’s face it, we all need the Planet but the Planet does not need us. There is little doubt if something is not done to reverse this, our home will eventually become uninhabitable.

Now every sale from every business around the world can use ERTHTM Point technology and begin the process of starting this repair.

So where does the money come from?

Australian businesses alone spend over $10billion each year on digital marketing. The proceeds of this marketing benefits the very small number of shareholders of some of the world’s largest companies.  Almost universally, the ‘pay per click’ method is used and of course the big marketing companies (who masquerade as social media platforms or search engines) have a vested interest in the business failing in their quest to attract more customers. This is because the business will need to come back next month and do it all again.

Now imagine the exact opposite to this. Imagine a ‘pay on sale’ system where the business only spends their marketing budget after they’ve made the sale.

When a supporter using the ERTHTM Point App shops at businesses such as Coles, Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Caltex and many others, a portion of the proceeds will go to saving the planet.  An average weekly spend could see over $2 billion returned to programs to help repair these environmental issues each year. And this is just in Australia. The ERTHTM Point system will operate worldwide and global coverage could result in $200 billion or more been redirected from the big marketing companies and into environmental programs that help us all.

We have two choices. We can continue to benefit a relatively small number of big businesses shareholders, or we can make the change to a better way to help us all.

So why does this work?

Unlike other loyalty programs, ERTH points are owned by the customers and not the business that issued them. This means the customer can spend the points at any other business that accepts them, and at the same time help the Rewards4earth Foundation to fund environmental repair programs. In addition, any not-for-profit organisation such as a club, church or charity (CCC) can monetise the loyalty of their member base buy using the system and receiving some of the reward each time their member spends money on every-day items. Around 94% of sport and recreation clubs in Australia are technically insolvent and the early adopters that we have spoken to absolutely love this concept.

Customers benefit by earning ERTHTM Loyalty Points at market price from participating businesses worldwide.  Loyalty Points generally only go down in value.  Just think about how Airlines tend to devalue their Frequent Flyer Points over time. ERTHTM Points are publicly exchange traded and can go up or down in value, enabling the customer to potentially get more value when they spend them, another world first.

Businesses benefit by attracting customers (and supporters of Charities, Clubs and Churches) to a loyalty point system that provides a multiple benefit to all users. Businesses can use the free push notification system to their VIP customers to deliver special offers. Businesses tick the box for social responsibility and for environmental responsibility and pay for the sale once it’s complete. For a business, because this forms part of their marketing budget, ERTHTM Loyalty Points are tax deductible.

Planet Earth wins as a small part of every sale from every business to every customer in the world will go towards the environment. Once we have a billion supporters using the App, at $2 each per week that would be $104 billion every year to help save the planet. Imagine how much good we can do with that level of funding!

We can all now do our bit to save our Planet simply with our everyday spending. For more, head to – https://rewards4earth.com 

Also, come along and meet them at the next Global Business Camp.


We hope you enjoyed our September edition and you found the information was great.

Please contact us if you would like help implementing any of the ideas in this article.

Also, feel free to pass on this newsletter to anyone you feel would receive value from all of the great ideas. Please remember the next event is on from the 28th – 30th of March 2022 and we have a very special offer available for you. Also, please have a look into Rewards4Earth™ our fabulous Naming Rights Sponsor.