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How to get customers wanting to do business with you

Here is a great example of how to have customers, clients and patients wanting to deal with you.

This has been taken to the next level by Stew Leonard’s Dairy in the USA.

Customers love hearing the story behind the business from whom they buy.

Customers want to know the story behind the brand. Stew Leonard’s Dairy in the United States are in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest dollar sales per square metre, so obviously they know what works. Google Videos of Stew Leonard’s Dairy, you will find many short videos how Stew works. It is all about personalising and the relationship. Trust me this works. People buy because of people more than they buy a product or a service. ‘It is a proven fact that – Relationships work’







Source: From Stew Leaonard’s Dairy Website

A great product, relevant message and standout service aside, customers want to see a face to instil trust and transparency in the business. They want to know the people they’re investing their time and hard earned money into, someone who cares and with whom the buck stops.

When you think of Stew’s you think of the people who work there and how they love what they do and sell.

This simple strategy makes you stand out from the competition. Trust me, even the slightest difference makes us stand out from our competitors. Be different and win.

Here are 4 great ways to put a friendly face to your business.

  1. Put your picture on the website

Put a face to your brand, your face. Let people get to know the person behind the business so they empathise with you.

  1. Showcase your team at every opportunity

Don’t stop at getting your face out there, put team members forward too. Businesses today are more reliant on personal relationships than ever, so the more people your brand is associated with the better. Newsletters, blogs, social media, industry events…take team members with you and spread your message. Take every opportunity. Build your business with this as part of your strategy.

  1. Talk to customers

Engage with customers on social media, questionnaires, feedback forms, team advisory boards etc and at every opportunity in the course of business. Again, it’s all about getting them to know you and what you’re about. Nothing makes or breaks a brand like personal experience.

  1. Step outside the business

Don’t limit your ‘face’ to within the business either. Get in the mix with industry groups, chat forums and networking events. It doesn’t have to be a drain on your time, just do what you can accommodate and do it well. Being proactive in the industry outside your business speaks volumes for what goes on within it.

These days you have to advertise approximately 14 times before people will ask for more information, 15 years ago it was only 4 times. Customer engagement has become more challenging. So get out there and put a face behind your brand. It’s one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective points of differentiation available. Just ask the million dollar marketing team at the Fresh Food People.

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