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I talk a lot about ways and ideas on improving both your business strategies and your business mindset.  This year, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience in the form of our key note speakers and so I thought I’d share some of their recent articles for a fresh perspective on business.

Enjoy, John Tsoulos

What holds us back from having better work conversations?

Intellectually leaders “get it” – have better work conversations and business performance improves. The reality is that attitudes, emotions, time, ego, job titles, perceived risks, fear of failure, comfort with status quo all get in the way and hold these same leaders back from translating intellect and knowledge into actual and real behaviours.

Read this article from key note speaker Mandy Holloway via her Courageous Leaders blog


The crooks are getting smarter

With every technology change, the criminal element comes running in working out ways to exploit it. The cloud then is such a wonderful opportunity for the crooks. Without leaving their lair they are presented to the door of almost every piece of data on the planet. All they need are the keys to open the door.

Read this article from key note speaker David Smith via his blog on the Smithink website.


You will never plough a field by turning it over in your mind

This article is not particularly recent, but as it comes from one of our key note speakers, Andrew Geddes, taking the wisdom from another Key Note Speaker, Glen Richards, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share it!

Read Andrew’s blog on the success of Greencross and Glen Richard’s ‘5 ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. 



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