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The Customer Comes Second – Really!

The Customer Comes Second – Really!

“A company’s personnel are the most important people it serves. Satisfy and challenge them and you will almost certainly exceed your customers’ service expectations.” William J Brodbeck

Employee satisfaction is a key component of customer satisfaction. So then, it stands to reason that a happy employee who is engaged in what they’re doing and who has a sense of purpose will naturally do a better job of servicing your customers than one who is not.

If you take good care of your people, they’ll take good care of your customers and in turn, your business. Simple and true.

Now consider your own business. Have you created an environment where people enjoy their work, are challenged and can contribute significantly? Where they treat your customers as their number one reason for doing what the business does?

We can help you develop and grow a team of people who’ll treat your customers as number one every day!

 Talk the Talk that Gets People to Walk the Walk

Open, direct and honest communication is an essential foundation for a motivated workforce.

Here are some tips for improving communication and motivation in your business:

  • Use language that is easy to understand. Offer concrete examples and avoid complicated technical explanations.
  • Plan in advance what you need to sayto avoid stammering, backtracking and confusion.
  • Ask questionsto ensure complete understanding.
  • Explain and address any inconsistencies. For example, “I know we are cutting costs, but we feel this investment is critical at this time…”
  • Repeat important messages. Finding opportunities to restate important messages, core values and policies helps reinforce their importance.
  • Listen!!!Your ability to convey ideas, knowledge and skills to others, is just as important as being a good listener.

Active listening lets your people know that you take them seriously, gives you a sense of how well your message has been understood and provides a way for you to get feedback and suggestions for improving your business.

Are you communicating in a way that will foster a volunteer mindset amongst your employees and help you grow an even better business?