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Thinking outside the square could deliver a game changer

You lie awake at night, wondering what you need to do to get ahead in business…..Each day you are run off your feet and don’t have time to eat, let alone stop and think about the longer term goals.

Well imagine if you had 3 days to do just that.  You could come up with a game changer – something that puts you above your competitors in the eyes of your customers.

Take KLM, a private Dutch airline that is viewed enviably by all the big world airlines – they are second to none when it comes to customer service and customer engagement.  They create a lot of hype on a shoe string budget (comparatively) and ensure their customers always come first.

For example, customers leaving items on the plane has always been an issue.  Usually, if someone locates the item in time it might be sent to an office somewhere where it will be logged and held onto incase the owner happens to come looking for it.  KLM turned this idea on it’s head to ensure a better than average customer experience:

They have a mindset that it’s the little things you do that make a difference to their customer experience, and more than likely the customer will choose to travel with them again as the experience was memorable.

What we all need to understand is that working harder and faster might keep you ahead of the game in the short term, but if we don’t stop and think about the opportunities to surprise and delight our customers, exceed their expectations and become memorable, what is going to keep them coming back?  Are we going to have to keep working harder to attract more and more customers, rather than working hard at creating Brand Ambassadors and allowing our customers to do the work for us?

Take the time to check out KLM on YouTube and enjoy some of the other customer experiences they have delivered in their quest to be the best.

Also take the time to step away from your business – you might be missing big opportunities just because you haven’t had the time or know how to sit down and plan.  Global Business Camps is running a 3 day camp in July/Aug which will walk you through the 6 Secrets to Success and allow you the time to stop and think.  This might just leave you with a game changer.

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