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Why Teams Dysfunction

This is a really neat way of looking at your team to see if they are engaged and onboard. This has been developed by Patrick Lencioni and should be used by anyone in business. Just follow the steps and work through the questions.

Team Assessment: Use the scale below to indicate how each statement applies to your team. Be sure to evaluate the statements honestly and without over-thinking your answers.

Scale:                    3 = Usually                          2 = Sometimes                   1 = Rarely

1. Team members are passionate and unguarded in their discussion of issues.

2. Team members call out one another’s deficiencies or unproductive behaviours.

3. Team members know what their peers are working on and how they contribute to  the collective good of the team.

4. Team members quickly and genuinely apologize to one another when they say or do something inappropriate or possibly damaging to the team.

5. Team members willingly make sacrifices (such as budget, turf, headcount) in their departments or areas of expertise for the good of the team.

6. Team members openly admit their weaknesses and mistakes.

7. Team meeting are compelling and not boring.

8. Team members leave meetings confident that their peers are completely committed to the decisions that we agreed upon, even if there was initial disagreement.

9. Morale is significantly affected by the failure to achieve team goals.

10.During team meetings, the most important – and difficult – issues are put on the table to be resolved.

11.Team members are deeply concerned about the prospect of letting down their peers.

  1. Team members know about one another’s personal lives and are comfortable discussing them.

13.Team members end discussions with clear and specific resolutions and calls to action.

14.Team members challenge one another about their plans and approaches.

15.Team members are slow to seek credit for their own contributions, but quick to point out those of others.

Scoring: Add your scores for the 15 Statements as indicated below.

Dysfunction #1: Absence of Trust

Question 4: ____

Question 6:  ____

Question 12:____


Dysfunction #2: Fear of Conflict

Question 1:  ____

Question 7:  ____

Question 10:____


Dysfunction #3: Lack of Commitment

Question 3:  ____

Question 8:  ____

Question 13:____


Dysfunction #4: Avoidance of Accountability

Question 2:_____

Question 11:____

Question 14: ____


Dysfunction #5: Inattention to Results

Question 5: ____

Question 9: ____

Question 15: ____


A score of 6-7 indicates that the dysfunction could be a problem.

A score of 3-5 is an indication that the dysfunction needs to be addressed.

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions

Dysfunction #1: ABSENCE OF TRUST

Strategy for Overcoming:

  • Identify and discuss individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Spend considerable time in face-to-face meeting and working sessions

Dysfunction #2: FEAR OF CONFLICT

Strategy for Overcoming:

  • Acknowledge that conflict is required for productive meetings
  • Establish common ground rules for engaging in conflict
  • Understand individual team member’s natural conflict styles

Dysfunction #3: LACK OF COMMITMENT

Strategy for Overcoming:

  • Review commitments at the end of each meeting to ensure all team members are aligned
  • Adopt a “disagree and commit” mentality- make sure all team members are committed regardless of initial disagreements


Strategy for Overcoming:

  • Explicitly communicate goals and standards of behaviour
  • Regularly discuss performance versus goals and standards


Strategy for Overcoming: 

  • Keep the team focused on tangible group goals
  • Reward individuals based on team goals and collective success

Source: Table Group- Patrick Lencioni. (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team)

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