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Enjoy this exclusive 3 part workshop series giving you an insight into the areas of focus you need to achieve business success and ultimately financial freedom.

Business Planning Framework Workshop

Business Growth Model Workshop

Profit Possibilities Workshop

Get an insight to Global Business Camps by watching this recording of the introduction to ‘Grow Your Business’.  You can watch this footage on YouTube by clicking here

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DVD & CD Resource Set - Only $495!

Global DVD & CD Resource Set

This DVD & CD Resource Set provides a complete recap to your Business Camp experience. Recorded live at the Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa, Gold Coast in March 2010.

The DVD & CD Resource Set also acts as a home study pack and is referred to consistently throughout the Implementation Kit.

The key is to constantly revisit relevant areas as you move through the implementation process. Repetition increases success and ensures improvement by over 75%.

You can watch this with the team and conduct a team training session as well. This is a massively leveraged way to improve your team and in turn, your business. You can work through The 6 Secrets™ at your own pace. This is an invaluable resource. Play the CD set in your car or when working in your office or home for the ultimate in multi-tasking!


  • The 7th Secret that will add enormous value to your business
  • A ‘Directors Cut’ version of the Camp – narrated by John Tsoulos
  • Additional material not provided at the camp to assist your business growth


Business Analysis Software - Only $297!

State of the art tools to assist in determining and achieving your goals. The Software includes:

  • Tools that allow you to add data to your vision
  • Tools that allow you to measure and manage the actions you put into place
  • Gives your team a clearer picture of your vision

The software has a number of modules:

Profit Possibilities – where you can conduct a ‘what if’ analysis on your business by making changes to things in your business.

Business Value Change – highlights how much your business value can change by making changes in your business.

Customer Lifetime Value – allow you to understand how much a particular customer, client, patient can be worth over their lifetime with you.

Impact to Sale Price Calculators – allows you to see what impact a price increase or decrease can have in your business. The power is truly understanding that price increases and decreases can have dramatic effects on your profit.

Margin and Markup Calculators – often margin and markup is completely misunderstood. This tool allows you to easily work out your margin and markup.

The software is easy to use but very powerful. A must have resource for anyone in business.

Click here for Download & Installation Instructions for the Business Analysis Sofware


Please note – System requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher, including Microsoft Excel 2010.

Screenshots of the Business Analysis Sofware

John Tsoulos - Professional Speaking

John Tsoulos is the lead speaker for Global Business Camps.

Having worked closely with businesses from different parts of the world, he has vast experience in applying business development programs producing excellent results.

John has presented at conferences, business building events, business camps and team building camps in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

You will love his energy and drive and he will inspire you. Click here to read more about John.

Sessions Available

Camp Refresher Session (As long as you require)
Team Training (As long as you require)
Building a Better Business (1 Hour)
Change the Way You Think (1 Hour)
Secrets to your Success (1 Hour)
Go for Gold (1 Hour)
Go for Growth (4 Hours)
Unlock the True Potential of Your Business (4 Hours or Full Day)
It is all About Awesome Service (Full Day)
Success(ion) Planning in Business (Full Day)
Specific Session tailored to your Business needs (As long as you require)

Session Investment
1 Hour $3,300*
4 Hour $5,500*
Full Day $7,700*
3 Day Conference (Speaking only) or 3 Day Conference with Event Management included POA

Skype Camp Refresher – per hour $ 275*
Book continuing monthly Skype Camp Refresher Sessions and receive a 10% discount

*Amounts include GST.


Please note:
Session fees are for speaking only. Accommodation, Flights, Transfers and Meal costs are not included in the above but need to be covered by the Booking Person/Company. Economy flights are acceptable. Accommodation requires table for preparation work if 1 Day or longer.
These items can all be arranged by John and reimbursed by the Booking Person/Company (cost only) or alternatively arranged by the Booking Person or Company and advised to John.
Ongoing sessions – book in advance and receive a 10% discount. Each session will be billed per session in advance – progress payments will not apply. Cancellation Fees apply to all bookings. Up to 30 days prior 10% will be retained/invoiced; Less than 30 days prior 50% will be retained/invoiced, 7 days or less full monies will be retained/invoiced. Bookings will be moved to another date if possible one time only.


Risk Free Guarantee –Your Money Back – No Questions Asked

We are so confident that our products will create so much value for you that our guarantee means that there is absolutely no risk to you. When you invest in our resources you do so knowing that you can return them for a full refund within 14 days of purchasing – no questions asked.

We are confident that if you implement the strategies provided in the resources and follow the structured process, you will achieve excellent results in your business and in your life.

This is what some people have said about our guarantee, which is pretty neat.

  • You Can’t Lose, I like that.
  • Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee, wow that is fantastic.
  • Your Money Back, No Questions Asked, sign me up.
  • No Way That I Can Lose, why wouldn’t I do it.
  • No-Questions, No-Quibbles, Money-Back Guarantee, I’m in.
  • 100%, no-hassle refund! Your business camp events have the same thing, excellent.